Day 298-Happy Memorial Day

Arlington Memorial Cemetary

Today we remember all of those who served and gave their lives for our country. Although I too served, it feels fraudulent to include myself in this group because I served during peace time. Four and a half years, is nothing compared to the sacrifices that have been made by not only members of my family but of so many others. Take time out from your barbecues and other festivities today to think about them and say a prayer for the fallen.

I apologize for missing posting yesterday. I had an all day concert and by the time I got home it was way too late, not to mention, I was in no shape to write.ūüėČ

The concert was BFD 2017 and featured such bands as Skillet, Pretty Recklace, 3 Days Grace, Papa Roach, Stone Sour and more. We were lucky to have seats as things got pretty wild out on the lawn.  Will try to post some videos, it was a great show, especially when Pretty Recklace did a tribute to Chris Cornell. All of the bands gave shout outs to the veterans watching too.

Getting ready for Skillet

Pretty Recklace

Well, shoot. It won’t let me post my videos. I’m not sure how to remedy that problem, but if you really want to see, they are on my personal Facebook page under Kimberly S. Smyth.


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Day 297-Free Days-Watering Schedule

So we are at the unofficial start of summer and today’s “feel-like” temperature was 100+ and luckily, Saturday is our day to water. I could literally see the plants with their tongues hanging out, even though I water with a can in between our allowed days for watering.

Grass getting a much needed sip

We are in an area that only allows watering with sprinklers two days a week to conserve water. It’s supposed to keep demand for water at an even keel, but not many people adhere to the rules. Anyway, after running errands but not getting much accomplished today, I was determined to at least repot a couple of plants and get them watered. Then I noticed the plants in the front yard looking pretty parched, and I just put them in the ground a week ago-I don’t want to lose them. So, I had Dave run the sprinklers since it was “our” day, and besides, no one trusts the weatherman in Texas at this time of the year! ūüėČ

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Day 296-Flash Fiction Friday-Mayfest Madness

It was a Friday in Ft Worth, Texas, home of Mayfest and as usual, the weather was geared up to ruin things with the threat of storms. All the vendors lined the streets, food vendors like Polish sausage on a stick, and the best funnel cake you ever ate, were scrambling to get cover set up in case the winds and hail came to crash the party. Katie and her friend Becca were roaming the streets and taking in the sights oblivious to the unpredictable, ever-changing skies above them.

Katie had always wanted to go to Mayfest, this was the first year her parents allowed it¬†since she just turned 15 and Becca was already 16 and able to drive. Becca was a trustworthy girl, her parents gave her lots of freedom because of that. Still, being silly girls with fun on their mind, they were unaware of the possible consequences of braving the spring festival. Becca got permission to drive her dad’s truck to the Trinity Park and off they went.

Becca had two things on her mind actually, boys held the number one spot and coming up a close second was riding the Ferris wheel…but only if said boy was involved, of course. She had many a daydream about being caught at the top of the Ferris wheel with her dream date. So, naturally, she had the eagle eye¬†out for Justin, her current crush. Katie could not understand what Becca saw in that cowboy but hey, she figured to each his own, right? As far as Katie was concerned, Mayfest was the best opportunity for everything artsy and festival food. All she wanted was to go down the food vendor aisle, sampling everything she had room for and top it all off with a delicious funnel cake. Her idea of heaven. Then, she wanted to go check out the latest paintings, jewelry, and whatever live show she could see.

As the girls made their way down the food vendor alley, the wind had started to pick up and the sky had darkened a bit, of course, they were too preoccupied with the latest hot thing¬†on the menu…curly potato chips! Yummy¬†goodness was what they were. The girls had just grabbed one to share and were looking for a place that sold slurpy type beverages when all of a sudden a gust of with snatched the chips right out of Katie’s hand, sending them flying straight out in front of her to land in a sickening splat on the ground. She thought she might cry but then Becca patted her on the back and said, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll get us another.” So as Becca went to do that Katie rounded up the drinks and met her under an umbrella table. That only lasted a minute as well, the wind lashed out again and the umbrella folded down, scaring the girls and making them scramble for safety.

Katie might have been the snacker of the two, but she was also the brighter. She could see what was happening and told Becca they may need to get out of there and try again the next day, the weather was starting to look bad. Becca told her not to be a worry wart, they had rides to ride and she secretly hoped she’d get to see Justin but she didn’t say that to Katie. Thoughtfully munching on a curly chip Katie said, “You know, it could hail and that might wreck your dad’s truck.” “Oh, you’re just being paranoid. That’s not gonna happen.” Becca retorted, “Besides, Dad’s got insurance.” Katie said, “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Just then, a clap of thunder sounded so loud, Katie dropped the chips again ducking and covering her ears. “Obviously, I wasn’t meant to have those chips!” she cried. Becca grabbed her hand and steered her in the direction of the midway.

Meanwhile, Justin was with his buddy Henry, checking out the car show that Mayfest put on every year. He was here to do guy things and thoughts of girls were there too, just kind of on the back burner. That all changed when, as he was approaching a vintage Corvette, he saw Becca out of the corner of his eye, dragging Katie toward the midway. Oh my goodness, he thought, she is so beautiful. Breaking away from Henry with a holler of, “I’ll be right back”, he turned to catch up with the girls and possibly set up a rendezvous later. “Yo! Becca!” he called and hearing her name, Becca turned in her tracks and then planted her feet. “Hey Justin,” she shyly said, twirling her long brown hair with her finger and biting her lip. “When did you get here?” He answered back, “Oh, I been here with Henry over at the car show for about twenty minutes. Say, you girls headed for the rides?” He knew this was his chance to get on that Ferris wheel with Becca and he wasn’t going to miss it.

The plan was made for all four of them to meet back at the wheel in thirty minutes and the girls went on to the art show to stall for time. Katie was so excited to see what was new because she was such a fan of painting herself. Nothing brought her more peace than creating a beautiful piece from a blank canvas. Making their way past one booth after another, the sprinkles started to become heavier and then Katie could have sworn she felt something icy hit her bare shoulder. “Uh, Becca…” she had just enough time to utter when the clouds opened up and the rains poured down, mixed with pea-sized ice pellets. Squealing, Becca grabbed Katie’s hand and headed for her dad’s truck. “What about Justin and Henry?” Katie called out. “I’ll text em later, we gotta get out of here!” Becca hollered through the howling wind. The hail was now the size of ping-pong balls and it hurt.

Luckily Justin caught the girls running to the truck and fell in line with them. “Hey, can we hitch a ride?” he asked Becca as they sloshed through the ever-growing puddles of water. “Yeah, just move your buns!” she said and all four of them hightailed it through the parking lot to the waiting vehicle. Safely inside the vehicle, Becca looked over at Justin and asked, “How did you guys get here anyway?” to which Justin replied, “We asked to be dropped off by Henry’s folks, they were going to dinner and then they would have picked us up, if we hadn’t found a ride by then.” ¬†“Well aren’t yall the lucky ones?” Katie smirked and they laughed as Becca carefully made her way out of the park, trying to avoid getting hit as panicked visitors raced out ahead of her. Becca secretly thought she was the lucky one, in more ways than one.


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