Day 20-Vaca Day 1


First day in Port Aransas, a shot from the ferry coming across to the island, my hubby, brother and sister-in-law around the pool, and myself finally feeling the beach spirit-even though I’m just at the pool, I’m ready to get on Island time for a week! Although we can’t see the beach from here, we can feel the ocean breeze and recall all the great times we’ve had in the past. Missing friends and family that aren’t with us, but hoping to make the best of it! Check back in tomorrow-hopefully with better pics! From the patio in my mind….


About Kim Smyth

I love writing about my passions, my paleo journey and essential oils and what they do for me. I want to help others by giving them useful news they can use and teach them about this lifestyle I've grown to love. I'm married and we have three grown children who are off living theirโ€‹ own lives. We also have two pets, our Shorkies who are like our babies. Find me at Kimmy's Patio or drop me a line at or
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