Day 26-Vaca Day 7-St Jo and Beyond

Ahhh, the last day of vacation is always bittersweet. We either try to cram as much activity in as we can or get to the things that we never did, but wanted to. Today was a combination of the two as we explored uncharted territory on St Jo (the island across from Port Aransas), followed by souvenir shopping around the quaint little shops in town.

First, a few pics of the beauty found on St Jo-at least through my eyes. Click on each pic to enlarge.


Here is where we offload from the jetty boat onto the island.


Storm clouds threatened, but actually made for a nice morning of beachcombing. Sometimes I take pictures seeing a certain kind of beauty in their simplicity.


The attraction of St Jo is the fact that it’s deserted and has no kind of amenities whatsoever. This makes for an excellent adventure in exploration everytime, however, you have to bring whatever you think you will need for your trip-however long you choose to be there. Just don’t miss the last boat at 6pm, or you’re there for the night!


Out to sea, down one direction and then the other, splendid solitude.


For a little while, I took photos of interesting life among the rocks that make up the jetty. Here, I spotted some Quartz. Others, were moss covered or lichens growing on them.


Next, Connie rescued a small sand crab from some fishing line.


He was happy as you can see.

Next is a shot the length of the jetty (ocean direction) and then, I always have to have my bird shots, and these were taken in the opposite direction, the jetty goes almost the length of the island.



We were way to busy in our exploration of the other end of the island negotiating dangerous rocks and debris to take more pics-besides-we were sure we’d be in trouble when the guys found out, they cared nothing about it as it turned out. Luckily, there were no mishaps or injuries (save a sore knee) or we would have been for sure.

After a delicious lunch with the guys, our next quest was shopping for souvenirs, we took a couple of humorous photos while we were out.


Coming back to the news it was time to get stuff ready to leave tomorrow was sad, but necessary. Cleaning, packing and washing is all part of the deal.  All in all its been a fantastic week and as usual, it’s sad to leave this place. Although it is our favorite vacation destination, we haven’t been in about six years, we’ve so enjoyed being back. Someday, I’ll tell the story of our very first trip here, that’s truly one for the books! 😉




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