Day 33-Products Week-Change of Plans

While I know I said I would take about coconut and almond flours tonight, I don’t think anyone is waiting it’s baited breath or would hold it against me if, like a woman, I changed my mind. With other things on my mind and many issues going on around the US this week, somehow whether I can convince someone whether or not to eat nut flours instead of wheat or white bread just doesn’t seem as important. Sorry if anyone was looking forward to that post, I promise I’ll cover it at some time.

Things like the hurricane devastating the east coast (QE I hope you and your family are safe!) and the kids recently in the news for getting hit by unaware drivers are all I can think about right now. To Quintessential Editor and any other bloggers, and/or family and friends along the east coast, I pray you all are safe and your homes are left intact.

Call me a grouch but I just cannot understand for the life of me what is so important that you can’t drive without texting or otherwise having your head up your butt and not paying attention where your going and running into children just trying to get home from school. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! It’s school time, if you are even close to a school, slow down, put the phone down, stop jacking with radio, whatever it is that has you so blind you can’t see the kid crossing the street! My kids are grown and gone but this still strikes a nerve with me just like the idiots that leave their children in their cars. How the hell do you “forget” your child is in the car with you???

Ok, rant over, it’s a holiday wknd and even though I can’t join you in the festivities, I do hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend and I’ll still be chilling on the patio.😎


3 Replies to “Day 33-Products Week-Change of Plans”

  1. I remember as a kid being left in the vehicle for hours on end! didn’t even get a pan of water! lol… but it’s not funny, shame on my parents! Or is it funny to leave a dog in a vehicle on a hot day! Leave your kids, dogs and phones at home! Well, not if your taking your kids or dog to the park!! 🙂 Lb.

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    1. Lady, you are so funny, but I remember being left in the car too, with my brother-not with the windows up on a hot day tho, and not very long usually. It’s a very different world today, too many predators etc. (and dumbasses) sorry, but it’s true! 😜

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