Day 41- Free Days-Interesting Infestation & Remodel Update

image image

So….yesterday, I opened the blinds in the office window to let my puppy look out and found this! It appears to be an infestation by carpenter ants that ate some material out of the window and then produced this green by-product. Talk about freaked out, I was like…what the heck is that!!!  So I took pics and then this morning I vacuumed up the mess. If we get an exterminater later (we need one) I can then show him the pics I took.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom, my hubby was trying to finish up the trim paint and get the room ready for flooring. We shopped a couple of stores and I think we came up with a winner.

Wall previous to window wrap and blind installation
Wall previous to window wrap and blind installation
Walls after windows were wrapped, blinds installed and crown moulding painted
Walls after windows were wrapped, blinds installed and crown moulding painted


Soon, we will install the floors, build a custom headboard and get a new king sized mattress and box spring (right now we have a queen) and buy new bedroom furniture. We are going for the beachy cottage look. I can’t wait to show it all finished and decorated. We got the floor samples today…what do you think?

Floor sample-it's varigated, so this is part of the pattern
Floor sample-it’s varigated, so this is part of the pattern

It may be hard to see since it’s sitting on the concrete floor. I will post an update if we choose this one after it is installed. I’m thinking once all the details are addressed, it will all come together and look great! Can’t wait to share the progression. My hubby is so handy and I’m blessed to have him and my son get this project rolling quickly! My job is to advise, consult and decorate, lol. He also got the doors ready for the tv cabinet in the living room. Soon, it will be ready for flooring as well. Moving right along!

Tomorrow, we plan to go buy the flooring but probably won’t install it until later this week. We will be otherwise occupied with church, grocery shopping and planning family dinner. We love hosting it and I can’t wait until all the remodeling is done and our kitchen will probably be the last (huge) project we do. Once finished, things will be so much easier to work around in and so much more roomy.

I hope you enjoy the updates and you feel free to comment or make suggestions-it’s never to late to make changes if necessary. Until tomorrow, I’ll be relaxing on the patio. 😉


7 Replies to “Day 41- Free Days-Interesting Infestation & Remodel Update”

      1. We get Rat`s in our unfinished basement (it`s partially dirt). I just set a trap…even though a year ago we put out Rat poison (never again) and they ate it all then crawled under our tub and died, stank the house out for about a month! There is no way to have gotten them out!! Yuck !!talk about stink!! :0 T.

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