Day 49-Free Days-What’s Your Favorite Content?

So far on this little blog, I’ve somehow amassed 55 followers and I want to thank each and every one of you. I feel blessed and I truly hope I am offering content that is helpful and/or interesting for my readers. Initially, I thought that writing on anything would keep the content fresh and ever changing and somehow appeal to everyone. Lately though, I feel myself gravitating back to my roots as an alternative health writer focusing on the Paleo lifestyle and other ways to improve ones health without chemicals and with fewer drugs, alternative treatments such as incorporation of essential oils, massage and excercises. I love writing about my Paleo journey and want to help others enjoy a healthier lifestyle, however, I want to help however I can.


My question to you all is, what is your favorite content from me? While I love all of you for following me, clearly you enjoy something about my blog, I would like to increase my readership to friends and family and work on building my brand. That usually means I have to narrow my topic and focus on one area. So, with that being said, I’m considering a name change to the blog, but only if y’all chime in and tell me what you’d enjoy reading about more. For instance, I could focus on just my journey as a writer and call the blog Kimmy’s Poetic Patio (even though I am not that great of a poet, it would all be mixed in together with stories and other writings). Or, if you enjoy recipes, tips tricks and hacks of everything Paleo related, I could call it Kimmy’s Paleo Patio.  I could write more on home improvements or have it be a lifestyle blog in general.  I could even start focusing on pets (not just mine either)  and pet health and call it Kimmy’s Pet Patio, or I could leave it as is and keep mixing it up with multiple topics and varied interests. Whatever makes you want to keep reading, please comment below or shoot me an email. I seriously value your opinions, you are all accomplished bloggers, so, who better to ask? Can you help a sister out? Thanks, I’ll be waiting on the patio! 😉


6 Replies to “Day 49-Free Days-What’s Your Favorite Content?”

  1. I’ve enjoyed meeting you via your blog. I’d vote for anything you write, as long as I can see you shining through the words. Generally I don’t follow people who write only book reviews or only recipes. Seeing the person through her interests is what attracts me. Whatever you decide, good luck!

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  2. I love reading about you and your life and your last post about meeting your husband was so great so the more posts the merrier! It’s good to mix your blog up with other things too, like food related items etc. as you mentioned. I think your “voice” definitely comes through your posts.

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    1. Well, thank you very much for the advice and your kind words! So far, that’s been the popular consensus! I will keep track for a week and then proceed. For now, enjoy the same content I’ve been “dishing” out.😀

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