“Keep On Keeping On” Club

This girl and I are kindred spirits and I felt like sharing her post with you.


I spent all day painting (it was actually priming) my 1,500 square foot apartment. I have souvenir calluses on three fingers on one hand and my hands feel arthritic as if they’ve engaged in extensive bicep and forearm calisthenics. Tomorrow I have to do it again, this time, two coats of Benjamin Moore “Smoky Embers” will glaze the walls which were damaged in the flood a month ago. My shoulders are sore, my back hurts, but I feel good because at least I’m moving something forward. Working physically was helping me feel productive.I didn’t expect to find myself in a surprise renovation, yet here I am. 

Throughout my childhood, my mother used to repeat a Russian saying, “if you don’t know how to work with your brain, work with your hands.” I understood what she meant, but never understood why the two are mutually exclusive. I love using my…

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5 Replies to ““Keep On Keeping On” Club”

  1. Wow! her apt. is bigger then my house! Yes, I was always told …Idle hands, idle brain, Some people can go through life on remote control, I went off my pain meds (for chronic nerve pain) cause I was getting like that…..now both brain and hands are functioning and it feels great! Good Blog Kim! 😉 T.

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      1. You will like it, she is my inspiration to write daily for a year because she started the 365 day project-hers are in the form of essays she calls “clubs” and, if you don’t mind the language, her stories are very good and entertaining.

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