Day 64-My Life in Photos Week-Wild Weather Pics

I have to be honest here people, I did not prepare for my posts this week, I figured I’d think of something in a pinch. Let me just say, it’s better to be prepared! Use those editorial calendars because, I’ve been sitting here for an hour, agonizing over what to feature this week and what I came up with was to show you some of my favorite photos over the last two years.

Still, I am unsure, due to my reluctance of sharing personal photos here, not that I mind, just not sure how the family would feel about it. After pouring over my photos though, I did notice a pattern. Besides way too many photos of my beloved pets and children, my photos seem to gravitate to nature in some way. Weather, beach, birds, plants. Another point, while I’m being honest here, is that I really needed to make short, easy posts this week since I’m supposed to be working on a project, and here it is almost nine o’clock and I’ve neither blogged, or started working on my sewing.

With that being said, going over the pictures from the last two years has been rather painful- they happen to start here in my iPad from just before my mom passed away to the present. My thought was to have a kind of “my life through photos” week, but as I looked over the last two years, I realized even that would be hard to do since I’m not sure how to categorize them. So, for tonite, I’m taking the easy route and I’m going to show some of the best weather photos I took over the last couple of years.

Off my parents front porch

Off my parents front porch

This photo was taken just before my mom passed away in the spring of 2014. It snows so rarely and is always pretty to look at. I took it while home on a visit prior to her being hospitalized.

After driving through a tornado.

After driving through a tornado.

Although the quality isn’t the best, I love it because of the symbolism. I had just driven through the worst storm of my life, a tornado had just passed and I drove through the edge of it, on my way to the nursing home where she spent her last month.

Water spout over Galveston bay

Water spout over Galveston bay

image image image

These were taken a few months later after we spent a few days with our boys, and David’s brother and his family in Galveston. We watched this water spout for longer than five minutes while crossing, then exiting the ferry. It was the biggest and longest lasting one I’d ever seen.

Interesting cloud formation

Interesting cloud formation

This was a bizarre cloud formation just ahead of a storm brewing in the gulf later that fall.


Approaching sunset, through the clouds, down the beach

Approaching sunset, through the clouds, down the beach

This time last year, while on a trip to Crystal beach.

As you can see, I’m obsessed with the sky and cool cloud formations in general. I’m sure I have many more, but these were the coolest of the last year or two. I’ve taken lots of fair weather as well but those ill share in a different post. So now it’s too late to work on my project anyway, maybe I’ll blog earlier tomorrow, on the patio. πŸ˜‰



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3 Responses to Day 64-My Life in Photos Week-Wild Weather Pics

  1. Ladybuggz says:

    Those are pretty good photo’s Kim! Weather and the sky are the neatest things to photograph…at least I think so, well I must add our pets also! πŸ™‚ T.

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