Day 66-My Life in Photos Week-Two New Pics


I got to see my boy today!! If only for a brief few minutes as he was coming through Texas on a job. If we are lucky, he will get to come over for a visit later. If not, I snapped this quick, albeit goofy, photo so I could prove he was here and I got to see him. We were standing in the parking lot of the Manheim Auto auction in Euless, Tx. in the hot wind- I didn’t care, I haven’t seen him in two years. Yes, he’s full of piercings and tattoos, but he’s my boy and I love and miss him.

A quick update on my Dad, after a bumpy night, he is feeling ok, they told us to expect to see some blood, however, they failed to tell us how much and for how long, so its understandable he was a bit concerned. He is resting and pushing fluids now, he will be better soon. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.


Here is my take on the Autumn Coastal wreath I told you about a few days ago. I thought it turned out pretty, let’s see how it holds up in our heat and humidity! Remember, this is the one that was my inspiration-img_3526 Thanks to

Across the Blvd  for the pic, I used this as my pattern. I found it on Home Talk and you can see it on my Pinterest page.

That’s all for today, I have to make it short so I can go run some more errands. Hope to see you all tomorrow and wish me luck that I get to party visit tonite with my Josh on the patio! 😉


8 Replies to “Day 66-My Life in Photos Week-Two New Pics”

      1. Different, I’ve never seen one with an Ocean theme…ours are always holly, pine cones, evergreen bow’s and red & gold ribbon… maybe some coloured Hydrangea but those are Christmas ones, I’ve never really taken a thought to Fall wreaths…. I’m not a great decorator…Your wreaths are very nice though !! 🙂 T

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