Day 69-Free Days-Home and Garden

After a leisurely morning where we actually got to sleep in for a change, the hubby and I got up and prepared for a long day working around the house and yard.

After a mandatory trip to our home away from home, Home Depot, we got back and he proceeded to ready the hallway for paint and flooring. He also plans to replace the stairs to the attic, since our present one was quite rickety. He got the floor scraped and the walls prepped for paint, then painted. Although the color I picked for the hall didn’t change the look much, at least it’s fresh and clean now.

The hall after fresh paint

The hall after fresh paint

While he was busy with all that, I decided to tackle some much needed yard work. First I weeded out the bed with the little bush plants that line the outer wall of the garage. I had really let that go but after the rain we had yesterday, they came out pretty easily.

Then in was time to give the roses a much needed hair cut. What a job that was, and of course I’m bearing a few scratches and thorn pricks, plus I have no idea what I’m doing, I just went with my gut. The roses appeared to be suffering some kind of sickness, having brown sickly looking leaves clustered among the good ones. Snip snip, and the diseased bits are all gone. Hopefully they come back just as beautiful next year as they were this one. I think it is a big improvement.

Freshly trimmed rose bushes.

Freshly trimmed rose bushes.

I’m still not sure exactly what the plants in the front are, they were pretty when they bloomed out. I just cleared the dead parts away and they can finish out the season where they are. Now for a hot bath or shower and a rest for my already sore back. I hope you all had a productive happy day!




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I love writing about my passions, my paleo journey and essential oils and what they do for me. I want to help others by giving them useful news they can use and teach them about this lifestyle I've grown to love. I'm married and we have three grown children who are off living theirโ€‹ own lives. We also have two pets, our Shorkies who are like our babies. Find me at Kimmy's Patio or drop me a line at or
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4 Responses to Day 69-Free Days-Home and Garden

  1. I marvel at your energy!

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  2. Ladybuggz says:

    Sounds like your roses have “Black Spot” kind of a blight, from too much water and or a fungus, I use a spray on mine, comes in a powder and you mix it with water and spray..can’t think of the name right now, I’ll let you know tomorrow in between cooking my turkey for our thanksgiving dinner! Have a nice Sunday Kim, rest up! Cheers! T.

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