Day 92-Happy Halloween!

So, yeah-I’m being a Halloween scrooge this year. 😦


Wanna know why? First off, my front screen door is broken, the glass is barely hanging in it, and all the constant opening and closing would not be good for that!

Second, my little dogs would stay riled up and bark and try to go out to meet all the little ghouls and goblins and that wouldn’t be good either.

I think most people these days stick to safer alternatives like trunk or treats and going to malls or stores where they pass out candy. I’m really not expecting many trick or treaters anyway. Of course, my kitchen is a wreck and that makes for chaos around my house anyway, hoping there is some movement in the direction of work going on in there tonight, since we kind of took the day off yesterday while my hubby gets his head around how to tackle the electric and plumbing aspects of what has to be done.

I’ll keep you up to date and for everyone else that IS celebrating tonight, be safe and stay bootiful! 👻


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