Never Again-BFS

Black Friday Madness from 2014
Black Friday Madness from 2014

I posted this pic along with a story about how much of a wasted trip my short time at the mall was today,  Black Friday shopping, on Medium.

If I ever have this idea again, I hope someone would just slap me. The stores were packed, if one did find what they were looking for, it would not matter, the lines were down the middle of the store-literally every store I went into!

There s no fighting, no people scrambling for the “best deal” because, by the time you waited in line, the deal you came for was what they just ran out of!

Then I left the mall to go to Kohls, they don’t even carry the other thing I was looking for, even though they did last year!😡 There was so much to look at and be distracted by, I forgot who and what I was shopping for in the first place. I ended up at the liquor store and went home for a much needed drink! 🍹Maybe the best thing to do is wait for Cyber Monday,  with a list in hand and pj’s on my bod!! Next year, I’ll know better!



3 Replies to “Never Again-BFS”

  1. I went for one item on Black Friday years ago, and I swore I’d never do it again. On the Friday after Thanksgiving this year, we decided to walk around the town with our guests. There were only small shops with no big deals, so we thought it would be the place to go. The town was crowded, and we had a hard time finding a parking space. The shops were crowded, too, probably with people like us who were not shopping for specials. Next year we should drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, because everyone else will be shopping.

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  2. I worked Black Friday a couple of times, so I was already there bright and early, only it was dark out. I don’t shop it, ever. I shop all year, and don’t wait for BF, although we did stand in line once at Radio Shack for a GPS goody that you put on your dash when they first came out. It was a long time ago and it wasn’t at a mall either. On a couple of occasions, my husband and I have gone just to sit on a bench and watch people. Twice was enough. lol

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