It’s Finished!

37,500- That ended up being my final NaNoWriMo word count total. So, I’m bummed, thinking of course how I could have done, should have done more. At the same time, Im proud of what I did achieve and the things I learned along the way.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, with your positive comments and encouragement and thank you so much for following my blog! Good night, see you tomorrow because I am DONE writing for today, lol!!


8 Replies to “It’s Finished!”

    1. No, I didn’t do it to write a novel this year, I just did it for the word count. Read my last couple of blog entries, I list all the projects and assignments I did to accomplish this. If you want to read a few of my short stories, I’m on Medium and the good ones (not that I have many) are in the publication The Weekly Knob. Thanks for asking though, maybe I’ll be good enough next year!


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