For Interested Parties Everywhere

I am so happy to post an update on the kitchen remodel. We got our cabinets today, and although they are naked, I think they’re beautiful! They will be getting stained on Wednesday,  God willin’ and the creek don’t rise!

Front set of cabinets
Front set of cabinets
Back wall of cabinets
Back wall of cabinets

Notice the freshly painted walls in the background too! Once we get trim and crown mould up, it should really pop. I just want to have my kitchen back and functioning again! Not whining mind you, but all this take out is threatening to sabatoge my diet! I try to be good but not cheating is more difficult with take out food. Ok, and temptation is strong here at the holidays.

Another update I’m proud to show off is my new grand baby with the blanket I made her. They just got it today and she already has it wrapped around her chubby little body.  I need to have her send me a picture showing the whole nursery, so I can see how well it matched the theme.  Anyway, Taylor said she loved it, as well as the other gifts we sent.

Rayven with her grandma-made blanket
Rayven with her grandma-made blanket

I’ll keep y’all posted as changes happen and improvements are made. Thanks for following along and all of your comments, prayers and encouragement. Have a warm night y’all!



5 Replies to “For Interested Parties Everywhere”

  1. Love the cabinets! That’s how I want my kitchen to look! I need a big pass way thru the kitchen to look into the living room…these old house’s weren’t made for mingling! You did a great job on the blanket! Love the colours! T.

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