Day 129-31 Day Blog Challenge (day 7)


Today I’m supposed to list ten favorite foods, bleh…Since I live and eat by Paleo guidelines, this won’t be as easy as it used to be.

  1. Dark chocolate-my main indulgence, again, the darker the better for you so, you really want good quality chocolate
  2. Sweet potatoes-I could literally eat them every day
  3. Prime rib-if I’m being honest here, my absolute favorite meat (usually reserved for special occasions)
  4. Paleo Trail Mix-I have put the recipe on my blog before, the one with the maple syrup in it (yum!)
  5. Creamed spinach-the kind from Boston Market-for those cheat days
  6. Chicken Diablo-the Mexican place that was our favorite down in Groves called it that-it’s bacon wrapped chicken, stuffed with a jalapeño and cheese, prepared on the grill-Heaven on a plate!
  7. Guacamole
  8. Chips and salsa-not Paleo-I don’t care and can’t seem to exercise self control or willpower when I’m at a Mexican restaurant
  9. Did I say bacon??
  10. Does red wine count as food? If so, make mine a cabernet, I’m going to be drinking more of it than usual after the news we got yesterday…

More on that later,  I need permission before I speak about that. I’ll just say that the results we got from my husband’s biopsy were not what we were hoping for and ask for additional prayers. Thanks ahead of time. 🙂

Tomorrow the big chill gets here, I for one am never ready for the serious cold. Stay warm and I’ll see you later…maybe from my mother-in-law’s house if todays stain on the cabinets drives us out of our house! Have a good day everyone!


11 Replies to “Day 129-31 Day Blog Challenge (day 7)”

    1. I guess it’s because food is less of the focus for me these days, since all the truly yummy foods are gone. I make due with the ones I can eat and try to steer myself in other directions like work, exercise or writing. Crafting and being outside when the weather is nice, is nice as well.

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  1. Creamy spinach??? I have never heard this one from you before!! Will definitely have to go to Boston market one of these days for lunch! I also like spinach, but it is something that we hardly ever have in my household.

    Thoughts and prayers are always with you and the hubs!

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  2. Wow that’s quite a list…one of my ultimate fav’s is Nachos, smothered in melted motza & cheddar, onions-green & white, tomatoes, olives(black) and of course a few jalapenos, with lots of salsa and sour cream for dipping! Now you got me hungry! Thanks!! not….lol…
    I hope all goes well with hubby…In my nightly star thoughts! hugs, T.

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