Day 174-Free Days-Trying Something New

My game room window sill, a bright and sunny spot for the new Primroses!
My game room window sill, a bright and sunny spot for the new Primroses!

Good morning!  This morning I’m trying something different. My pain has gotten to a point where I am forced to do something new. I’m  writing by speaking because I’m not going to quit, or give it a break, as my husband suggested. I have  to honor my promise to write for 365 days.  I figured that it must have something to do with the way I was sitting when I write, so I’m sitting in a recliner, with my puppies by my side, speaking what I want to have written.  I’ve also decided that I need to relax and to that end I jumped on the Netflix train and plan to binge watch Orange is the New Black,  every chance I get.  If I massage was in the cards, I  would go get one, but that’s probably not gonna happen. So wine and Netflix it is! I still plan  to “write”  on Medium,  and I invite you to check out today’s story at The Weekly Knob. Hopefully, this way of “writing” will work as well there, it’s a bit of a learning curve for me, but I’ll get it eventually. I’m also using the wonderful Christmas present Miss Stephanie gave me called Sore No More, it works really well and has all natural ingredients!  I hope everyone has a good weekend see you tomorrow from a soon to be very chilled out patio! 😉

PS-check out my new Primroses that I mistook for African Violets…still pretty, and I had the perfect spot for them!


12 Replies to “Day 174-Free Days-Trying Something New”

  1. Let me start out by saying (and I mean literally) then I am so proud that you are trying something new that will hopefully be more relaxing for your shoulder blade. Wish I had some stretching exercises that I could show you to do. Guess stretching your arms up over your head! I have given up for the moment on using my bifocals on the computer. It is so confusing! It took me 30 mins. to read your flash fiction story yesterday. I can read better without them, and on the computer. However, I do still lose my place when reading which drives me batty, ugh! I am glad that the sore no more is working out wonderful!

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  2. Sorry your in pain… I think my computer has the speak thingy…I’ve never tried it or looked it up.. I love your Primroses, my hubby used to buy me (once a week) a different coloured African Violet..I think I had about 14 of them..but when we moved I didn’t have a good window for them and they slowly died…I was sad…Hope your feeling better, massages are great, I had a great lady in Nanaimo but she moved out to the country and I couldn’t get there anymore… maybe I’ll find one in this town… Have a great day! 🙂

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  3. Thanks, it’s better after the break and the massage. I think I’ll continue speaking my posts while Dave recovers, maybe that long of a break will heal me enough that I can type again. I just need to find a position that doesn’t cause me pain. I already had to give up making jewelry, I’m not giving up on my writing!


      1. Yes! Kind of a break for both of us in its own unique way. He gets a break from work to recover, I get a break from writing with my fingers to recover by pain. Win, win!


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