Day 181-Free Day’s- Sunday Blessings

There are so many reasons for me to say we are blessed today! First and foremost, the message at church this morning was that to be blessed was said to be on the right road. I know that for me, going to church on Sundays to worship and praise God means that I will have a good week. I totally credit Him for making David’s surgery go swimmingly and I just feel better in general all week, knowing He is with me…us.

Secondly, in some sense, David is feeling better today, having plugged off his catheter and using the restroom normally. This is good news and hopefully his catheter removal tomorrow will go well. If it wasn’t coming out of his abdomen, I wouldn’t even worry, but it is. I’m certain the procedure will go well, I just hope it isn’t painful for him. He also was able to eat something more substantial than soup today, since he finally went no. 2, lol.

Other than that, there’s been a lot of sitting around on the couch since he still didn’t feel well in general. Sinus infection or something has given him a constant, nagging, dull headache, and he still tires easily. I was able to fit it a couple more episodes of my Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. I’m on season two episode four now. I can’t tell you how good this show is, you should check it out for yourselves.


Someone has had enough of this sitting around! Does she not look bored to death? I feel her pain, however, if I was down, I’d want company too. Also, my son’s girlfriend sent me a pic of the baby, saying that she told her to smile for grandma, so she did! Lol. Don’t you love her owl suit?? I used to collect owls, once upon a time.

Smiling for grammy!
Smiling for grammy!

Another blessing for sure! Seriously, I cannot wait to meet this little girl! Josh has orientation to a new staffing agency on Tuesday, say a prayer they place him in a permanent job this time!! Then, he can move forward with his plan to get his own place, a vehicle, and make his way back home to Texas, in time. Also, his ex was kind enough to send him a pic of his other daughter and he shared it with me. Meet Delaney, now 7 yrs old. I don’t know why the change of heart, I’m just glad they are now communicating. She probably feels save in the knowledge that he gave up his rights and is now concentrating on his new family, as is she. Still, I miss her.

Delaney Skye
Delaney Skye

Top all that off with the news that the insurance has already paid the doctor and the hospital their part of the bills, and this has been a blessed day indeed. Join me tomorrow (not early though) for Motivational Monday. Not sure what it will be yet, rest assured it will be helpful. 😊


4 Replies to “Day 181-Free Day’s- Sunday Blessings”

  1. They’re both such beautiful children, Kim. Such sweet faces. I’m glad all is going well with your husband’s recovery. That’s definitely a blessing. Whiskey is not happy with you!

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