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Please check out this timely post by my friend Stephanie Kilgore! She is helping spread the news about the wonderful organizations that educate and help those with rare diseases.

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rare-disease-day-2017This coming Tue, Feb 28 is Rare Disease Awareness Day. A disease is considered rare when it effects fewer than 200,000 people in the USA. That is not many people at all when you consider the massive amount of people living here.To check out much more that is happening for this very special day you can go to:

I just happen to be one of those individuals with a rare disease. It is called Friedreich’s. Ataxia. Approximately 1 in 50,000 people in the US get this rare disease, yay me! A genetic progressive neurological disorder that affects balance, coordination, and fine motor skills. I will not give you all the details just go to To be completely honest not a huge fan of the word  disease, but this day started in 2008 in  England.  I do not have any say so in changing the name, so I…

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Day 211-MET(My Essay Tuesday)-The Year I Learned to Make Jewelry

What seems like a hundred years ago, even though it’s more like twenty, I used to work as a phlebotomist in a satellite lab. It was there, while I was supposed to be doing my job,  that I stumbled on how to make my own jewelry from a catalogue of work-at-home projects I’d purchased in the mail.

Actually, I started practicing my new craft at home with the directions provided by the company, it was just that I had so much down time while working the satellite by myself, I used to literally lay out all the supplies, tools and directions, toiling away for hours at a time, teaching myself how to weave string and beads into beautiful, fringe style earrings and other pieces of jewelry. Back then my eyes were sharp and my fingers nimble, not to mention I had a lot more patience than I do these days. These were seed beads I was working with at the time, tiny little things, some of them no bigger than the head of a pin.

I would lay everything out on the empty counter and work, and when a patient came in to have their blood drawn, I’d get up and go do it. That’s how slow business was back in the day and I took advantage since I got all my work done, processed and sent out in a timely manner. My supervisor didn’t mind, as long as I got my work done efficiently. I wish I could remember the name of the company that I made those first pieces for, unfortunately, it was a scam but at least, I learned a new craft and began to make and try to sell them myself. This lead to more how-to manuals and magazines and I had the bug. I couldn’t pass Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or any craft show that sold beads for that matter, without buying more. I have enough beads, buttons and tools to open my own small store, yet now I rarely have the time for making jewelry anymore.

I took the knowledge that the experience of that first company gave me and honed my craft, perfecting it over twenty years but never really getting the marketing of it down pat. Oh, I tried to sell a few pieces here and there, I placed it in craft shows and antique stores where you rent a little booth, yet no one else wanted to pay what they were worth to me. By then, there was way too much competition from the many discount jewelry stores, and honestly, my work was better than some artists but not as polished as many. I made earrings, and bracelets, rings and necklaces-I still have many of my finished pieces today. None were as special as those first ones I taught myself how to make, when I discovered I actually had a knack for stringing and weaving beads into something beautiful.

Had I really believed in myself, I might have been better at marketing, but I told myself it would take the fun out of it if I had to mass produce my stock. I gave most of my jewelry away as gifts and kept some for myself, I can still make it when I want to give someone a heartfelt gift. It turns out I was doing it more for the love of the craft than something to make a profit on. Maybe I learned something more valuable than how to make jewelry that year. I learned how precious it is to be able to make something beautiful with your own two hands, how you share that gift is up to you.

Day 210-Motivational Monday-


This can be applied to my situation right now, how about yours?

Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, or just a new way of doing things, this is a great motivational quote which I found on a Pinterest board of them.

As if this quote wasn’t enough motivation, I saw more in my notifications this morning, in the form of a blog by Suze (Obsolete Childhood) in which she named my blog as one of her favorites for Steven Sawyer’s BMU challenge! After reading her kind words, I was motivated to keep going, and it made me feel vindicated as a blogger/writer when she said I make her feel the emotions that I’m talking about. Thanks Suze, you made my day! I also checked out Steven’s blog, For His Glory and you should too, it is very inspirational.

That’s what we all do as bloggers isn’t it? Lift each other up, spread each others words and news and generally try to help each other, however we can.

As I continue with my courses on blogging and affiliate marketing, I have to admit-I’m getting more confused by the minute with all of the information overload, it can be quite overwhelming. That being said, once I figure out how to create a better place for me to serve you, my journey will be complete. Then, the adventure will begin and we can all have fun together. I want to create content that is helpful and relevant, that answers your questions or helps you solve a problem. Stick with me folks, I’m a work in progress!

How have I helped you today? Please let me know in the comments and to everyone reading and following on this warm and humid Monday-have a great, productive day and I’ll see you tomorrow…on the patio!



PS-Some of you may remember from yesterday that I mentioned a family dinner celebrating my oldest son and my husband’s birthdays. Well, I’m ashamed to admit, I got so caught up in the moment of surprising my son with his gift that I totally forgot to take pictures…and I very much wanted you to see what I got him. He is a gifted musician, and a friend of Stephanie’s makes these wonderful guitars out of cigar boxes. Kind of a novelty, but one that really works-it even has a pick-up for amplification! I purchased one from Fred and gave it to Sean yesterday (even though today is his actual birthday).

I will try to get a pic and/or video of him playing it, which he started doing within minutes after receiving it. I’m happy to say he was pleased with it, and happy that Fred showed them to me in the first place.