Day 208-Free Days- Birthdays, Classics and Romance

Ahhhhh, from Roman Holiday to Summer of ’42 and all the way to Fifty Shades Darker, it seemed that romance was the backdrop for a perfect weekend for the birthday boy. While some things are better left to the imagination, I will say that we have enjoyed each other’s company very much this weekend. I surprised him yesterday with a card and a gift for him to get a professional massage, and then we went out for a celebratory Margarita at Don Pablo’s, or should I say Beerita-his newest obsession.

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I’d never seen either of the classics I mentioned, though they were very good. Then tonight, he treated me to the lastest Fifty Shades movie which was at one of those theaters that serve food and adult beverages, not a stretch to say we both enjoyed date night a lot. 😉

I’m sure at this point no one wants to hear the boring details of the scads of homework that preceded all this, but I assure you, I did plenty. It seems that as usual, I have done things backwards, and jumped the gun by purchasing the marketing class, when I should have started with Elite Blog Academy-a fact I learned after viewing the first couple of videos in Ruth Soukup’s Blogging Made Simple series.  I tell you all this so that you will understand where I am in the process and to help you make a more informed decision if you decide you want your blog(s) to go in a new or different direction. While I’m not sure of anything yet, what I have learned from her videos so far is that my blog lacks focus.

When I started blogging a few years ago, I only knew I wanted to share what I’d learned and help people. I knew it could be a business, but never really concentrated on that part, my main goal was to educate, become part of a community and hone my skills as a writer. Now that I’ve made some new friends here in the blogosphere, I’m hoping you’ll stick with me if and when I do decide to branch out in a new direction. For now, rest assured, things will stay the same (unless you want new content) until I get through all of my studies.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Dave and Sean, my oldest son’s birthdays with a family get together and dinner. On the menu is pork loin with veggies, salad and fresh cooked green beans and/or salad. I’ll have a sweet potato for myself and for the birthday boys, hot apple pie a-la-mode. I’m hoping my surprise gift for my oldest, who is a musician, will delight him. I’ll let you know how it turns out when I talk to you tomorrow, from the patio!

(P.S.-I am not earning anything by mentioning the courses I’m taking or thinking of taking, just mentioning them in case anyone else may be interested)


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