Day 209-Free Days-Another Veteran Actor, Gone Too Soon

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons
Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

As we prepare for the gathering of family for a celebratory birthday dinner, I was saddened to hear the news of the death of a great actor, Bill Paxton. Apparently, he suffered a stroke while undergoing a recent surgery and I was shocked to hear about it on a Facebook post, I then investigated and saw no fewer than eight news articles on his passing. It is amazing how quickly the press finds and distributes the news sometimes, isn’t it? He was a Ft Worth native (one more reason to like him), and my favorite films by him were Tombstone (1993) and Twister (1996)-although the earliest recollection was him being turned into a giant turd on Weird Science (1985). His wry humor and charm will be sorely missed, I never got into Big Love (2006-2011), but would gladly have watched him along side his son for the upcoming eighth episode of Training Day. RIP Mr Paxton.



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