Day 323-Free Days-How I Spend “Me” Time

Do you ever have some free time on your hands and feel like a kid in a candy store? Not knowing what to do first? Did I want to do housework, maybe it was necessary but no. Ok. I did one thing, I folded a load of clothes. I would much rather spend some time in the pool, or shopping or take myself to the movies. And why is it that every time I have free time, my friends don’t?? Anyway, my men went golfing for a few hours and I had some me time to do anything I wanted. None of my friends were available, so this is what I did.

ran an errand

spent an hour in the pool

went out and bought a beautiful Bougainville and two succulents

took a bath a washed my hair

watched an episode of Orange is the New Black on Netflix

I think it was time well spent, don’t you?

My new peach colored Bougainville

My new succulents

The aloe will stay in a pot and maybe the other one too, in case I have to pull them out during high winds and cold weather. You don’t know how bad I wanted one of every cactus there was!! Not to mention, bananas, and other tropicals I just can’t afford right now. One by one, I will create the beautiful gardens I want. I will have lots of plants around the pool someday and a zeroscape in the front yard if it takes half my paycheck several times over.

Thats it for today, and I hope you will join me tomorrow as I welcome another Monday on the patio!


About Kim Smyth

I love writing about my passions, my paleo journey and essential oils and what they do for me. I want to help others by giving them useful news they can use and teach them about this lifestyle I've grown to love. I'm married and we have three grown children who are off living their​ own lives. We also have two pets, our Shorkies who are like our babies. Find me at Kimmy's Patio or drop me a line at or
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5 Responses to Day 323-Free Days-How I Spend “Me” Time

  1. trE says:

    Any day where I can just read and relax is a “Me Time” day for me. Lovely flowers, Kim.

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  2. Ron Walker says:

    Sounds like you did really well with the “me time” Kim. All of us need to take some of that time and unwind.

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  3. I have so much me time now Kim that I no longer feel it’s a luxury to do what I want, which is a blessing that I need to remember to appreciate if that makes sense. 🌹

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