Ending the Year on a Good Note


Oh my goodness, I just realized this will be my 500th post on this here humble little blog! That’s how to end the year on a good note, with a record (to me anyway) number of posts. I want each and every one of you to know how much I appreciate you reading and following along on my journey, one that I hope gets even better with the coming year. I am reading and following as many of your blogs as I can (there’s only so much time in a day) and maybe next year I will carve out some time for some that I had to drop.

An update on me, I am getting stronger every day, taking less medication and down to only twice a day instead of every 8 hours. I’ve been cleared to drive but still have not ventured out due to my hatred of cold weather (I’m such a baby)plus, I don’t trust myself to drive under the influence of muscle relaxers and pain pills, even at half a dose. My physical therapists are happy with my progress and if you were to visit me, you may think nothing at all was wrong. Except for the remaining glue on my incision, I look and act pretty normal, I just have to rest my head against a chair or something every once in a while for an hour or two. I get very tired after hours of it being unsupported. The swallowing is much better, however, I’m still eating small bites if it is something like steak or anything hard or crunchy.

My next visit to the surgeon for a follow up is the last week in January, so I hope I’m all healed by then! My wish is for all of you to have a Happy New Year, don’t overdo it when celebrating, but if you do, try rubbing a drop of peppermint essential oil on your forehead, it works wonders! I love you all and look out for new things in the New Year from me. I’m working on a few new things, give me some time to recover and I will clue you in. Happy New Year everyone!!



Starting Out Bad, Hope it Gets Better

I woke up this morning (on my back, which is rare) and for a moment, I was pain-free…and then I rolled onto my right side, within minutes, my left shoulder was aching like a toothache. 😦

I literally never heard my husband get up, the truck start, or the garage door going up and down- Must have been the extra Gabapentin I took last night! Well! I may have to do that again, at least I felt no pain until I woke up.

As I got up and started moving around, I realized I was very weak on my left side in particular, but really all over. My left shoulder feels like it’s being pulled down, and I really should be sitting in my recliner, but I wanted to get this post out for some reason. First, I spent too long on the usual distractions, emails, reading tons of other blogs (but I like that) and finding out if there was work available, there is, but I don’t feel like doing it right now. 😦

I went about my usual routine, thinking when I’m done, I can go sit down…but then I thought, I really need to write today. I did my swish and held it while I made the bed, tossed in a load of laundry, put my contact in, then I spit it in the trash and brushed my teeth, but not before cleaning the sink out, and the dirty pan my hubby left on the stove. Then I fixed my coffee, got the dogs their food, and sat down here at the computer which is temporarily on my dining table.

Now that this is done, I will go fix myself some breakfast and reheat my coffee so I can take a pain pill and relax. Maybe I’ll just start with an Aleve and if that doesn’t work, I’ll add the pain pill. 🙂

Today’s breakfast, prepared on Monday-pop out of freezer to bowl and add toppings

Of course, I’ll do a set of my exercises first, that may help the most since it will get my shoulders moving and my blood circulating everywhere.

I hope it gets better and I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday and get all your Holiday shopping and prep done while it’s warm. That’s what I would do if I could leave the house. But I can’t so I may do my last minute shopping on Amazon. Btw, a note to Steph if she’s reading this, I changed my smile donations from the ASPCA to MDA, it covers every type of disability under MDA I believe (like FA).

Peace out and Y’all have a Merry Christmas if I don’t return for a while. I go for my check up with the doctor tomorrow, I may update you if there’s anything new to say. 🙂




200 Posts!!

I think she deserves even more followers/readers!

Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

Ok- I don’t know how it happened, but here you are- my 200th post!!

I almost feel bad writing today, and claiming this as 200, because I had 3 days of non-posts where either me or my computer had a virus….but the wordpress Gods said that yesterday was officially 199, so here are some random thoughts on my blogsperience.

  1. I hate creating a title.  Seriously.  I think it takes me longer to write the headline than it takes to write the blog.  I’m not that clever, and I can rarely sum up what I’m writing about.  Perhaps because I am sometimes lost in thought.  Like, I can’t even remember how this paragraph started.
  2. I am horrible at grammar and spelling.  I had this conversation with Jay the other day- I don’t notice these types of errors/ mistakes unless they are glaring.  I’m more focused on content.  I don’t know if…

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