Sunday Happenings on a Monday Morning

Morning everyone and how are you on this stormy Monday morning? At least it was storming when I woke up, but it has since moved on east of our area. Right now it’s a pleasant 73 degrees yet soon it will be a sweltering 97 with a heat index of 105! Thank you humidity! ;(  I wouldn’t mind so much if it was accompanied by a lovely ocean breeze!

Yesterday we attended church and then ran our errands to get our food for the week. After cleaning out the fridge of older food, we cooked dinner and prepped our food for the week. I made my oatmeal “muffin” size servings by cooking a batch of steel-cut oats, then spooning it in lightly greased muffin tins. I had so much left over I put that in a container in the fridge. When my servings were frozen, I just popped em out and put them in a gallon freezer bag to be used for this week’s breakfast. When I’m ready, I’ll just pop a couple into a microwave safe bowl and add my toppings, like nuts and butter (the oatmeal has cinnamon and maple syrup added during the cooking process) and I have a quick breakfast! Of course, I use Bob’s Red Mill Steel-Cut Oats because they just taste the best!

Individual portions for quick breakfasts

After that, I made David’s portable breakfast-Egg Cups! Kind of made in the same method, I just scramble up some eggs, broccoli, bacon, orange bell pepper, shredded cheese and sliced up cherry tomatoes. I then ladle that mixture into muffin tins and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degrees. We let them cool on the stove before bagging them and he takes one or two along with his fruit and yogurt for a quick and healthy breakfast. Hey, during the week we try really hard to eat well, it’s the weekends that we fall off the wagon so to say. 🙂

Easy to make and portable too!

Once all that was done and supper was prepared, we invited Dad over and together we enjoyed fresh green beans, grilled pork chops and baked potatoes (Dad and I ate sweet potatoes). It was delicious and then Dad and I played several games of pool. When I had been beaten enough (the old man has still got it!), I asked him if he would like to try my take on Almond Joy Paleo ice cream. He agreed and it was pretty good, even though it had not frozen solid enough yet. I got it off of Pinterest (of course) and it was easy peasy using only 7 ingredients! Bananas, coconut milk, almonds, vanilla, maple syrup, toasted coconut flakes, and dark chocolate chips. I didn’t even need an ice cream maker!

All of the stuff I talked about here can be found on my Everything Paleo board on my Pinterest page. Let me know if you have questions or try anything, I’d love to hear about it!






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Weekend Update

Last night we enjoyed a visit from friends Michelle and Kerry as well as our son Joshua. We sat on the patio, listening to music, everyone talking at once-it’s a miracle I understood anything that was said! Our friends had not seen Josh since he got back from Ohio so they had much catching up to do.

Friday morning I finished the weeding and the bed is looking pretty good. Now I just have to liven up the wall hangings…another gift from the previous owners. You really have to stay on top of the weeding, especially considering all the rain we’ve had.

Today, after running some errands and taking Josh back to the friend’s house he is staying at right now, we went downtown and had lunch. It had been some time since we went there and there were many new things to see. I got a great shot of Bass Hall which isn’t new but still beautiful. Then we had a “snack” at Mi Cocina after walking out of Razoos. We had sat there ten minutes without so much as a glance from a waiter. We enjoyed our experience at Mi Cocina and it was a well designed and  decorated space as well.

Returning to the parking garage, we suffered some tense moments as Dave tried to negotiate the truck back out, the luggage rack on top of the already lifted vehicle made it too tall to comfortably pass under the support beams. Somehow we made it just barely and decided that was never a good idea again!

Rain was in the area Friday but none for us.

One of two angels at Bass Hall

See the building through the window downtown at Mi Cocina

My honey Dave getting ready to enjoy a snack at MiCocina

The bed after weeding and the yard looks good after mowing

Later on we went to see the movie Dunkirk and came out to rain and intense lightening. Where we went was north of our area though and when we got home it had barely rained. Oh well, at least the sprinklers ran this morning! I hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one.

PS: I’m happy to report that my job was accepted and I earned some money. It won’t start going into my Paypal account until I reach $10, but now that I know what to expect, I will keep working and earn more by doing several in a day. The faster I get, the more I will be able to do and if I get no strikes, the types of jobs will improve. For now, its product descriptions until I excel at that, all of it gives me experience I need and can use in the future.

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End of Summer Bash!!

Camp Craig Allen Blog

TP waterskiThis is a FREE EVENT put on by Turning Point!!

Saturday, Sep 09, 2017 9:00am – 4:00pm

LakeFest -End of Summer Bash!!

I cannot believe that summer is ending, so be sure to go out with a blast! Once again there is going to be a day on Marine Creek Lake where there will be waterskiing, jet skiing, sailing, tubing, handcycling and air rifles. If you plan on waterskiing, you must reserve a time slot by calling Rick at 214-808-5865 or email at . You will not regret it!

A wonderful BBQ Lunch will also be provided by the awesome Karma Que/Camp Craig Allen!

Marine Creek Lake is located offf Loop 820 on Marine Creek Parkway, Fort Worth 75135

Rolling on, Stephanie

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