Day 321-Flash Fiction Friday-The Homecoming

Once upon a time, two nice people came to visit me where I lived, with all my kennel brothers and sisters in a pink dollhouse that belonged to my breeder. I was pretty happy here, running and playing on the farm, although sometimes we had to put up with a bath and some pampering every time a customer came in to look at us. The day my owner showed me to my new parents was the best day of my life.

One minute we were all running around on the floor of the dollhouse, the next I was in Mommy’s arms and Daddy was asking her, “Is that the one you want?” When Mommy gave Daddy the doe eyes, it was all over but the crying and Daddy reluctantly forked over the $600 I cost him. Soon after I was trimmed up, given a shot and then we were riding the long ride to my new home. I don’t like being in a car much, it makes me want to puke. Mommy was worried something was wrong with me, but Daddy knew the deal.

When we finally got home, I went exploring my new digs. I liked the house, although the backyard was a little small after being on the farm. Still, it was green and smelled good and I found myself rolling in the grass and clover and looking at Mommy with love. I was shy for awhile, but Mommy and Daddy made me feel right at home. They loved to dress me up and show me off to their friends. We would go on walks around the block and everybody stopped us to say hello. Anytime they went on a trip, I had to go. I never got used to riding in the car, but I only ever puked once.

Then came a day about three months later when we went on a really looonnnng trip. When we got where we were going, we stayed with Daddy’s mother and she had a very irritating doggy named Bonco. What a yipper! He was a total grouch and snapped at me whenever I tried to play with him. That lasted all day the first day and by the next, we were running around the backyard chasing squirrels together like lifelong pals. He was still annoying when he barked, but I guess he was ok for a short visit. Then we went to Mommy’s brother’s house to visit. He had a pool and a fence that was full of holes, so every time I had to go potty, I was put on a leash. Man, I don’t like that place.

One day, I was napping and Mommy and Daddy went on a trip without me. When I woke up, they were walking in the door with a new puppy the same kind as me, but this one looked different than me. Salt and pepper colored, with a quizzical funny face, and I could tell that Mommy was head over heels about her. That pissed me off! Why did they feel the need to bring another dog home? I would not have anything to do with her and demanded Mommy sit with me in her lap for the first three weeks. Slowly but surely, the new pup grew on me and I started teaching her how it was gonna be around the old homestead. I’m the boss, the queen of my castle and you will mind what I say. She was a challenge alright, but soon she figured out her place and now we are thick as thieves.We love to chase rats and squirrels in our lovely new backyard. There are also lots of lizards to chase, and puppies live in every backyard around us, so we get to bark with them every time Mommy lets us out the sliding glass back door. There is a giant square thing full of water, but we can’t drink from that, it’s too salty. Mommy is always trying to get us in it to go “swimming”, but we don’t care anything about it.

By the way, my name is Penny and the pup Mommy and Daddy brought me to play with is called Nicky (short for Nickle). I wasn’t sure about her at first, but now I can say, she is the yen to my yang. We look and act like twins, even though Mommy and Daddy got us in different places and I come from good stock. (they shoulda named me Queeny) Nicky came from some careless breeder four hours away from our old home. She told me in our special language how lucky she was that Mommy picked her out from the rest of the puppies that day. When she first got here, I was mad that Mommy and Daddy were trying to replace me, but now I see they only wanted me to have a playmate-someone to keep me young and healthy. Since that is the case, I guess she can stay.

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Day 320-Summer Explosion of Color

Afternoon everyone and once again, I am not in the mood to think about yesterday or yesteryear, I want to show you the massive explosion of floral color we have going on in my backyard and neighborhood. It is like the crepe myrtles went nuts this year, and I just have a small sample of the beauty that is in my neighborhood.

This one is from across the street at Stephanie’s house. They are like this all over our combined neighborhoods, a fireworks display of every color that they must come in. I need to take more pictures and pass them along.

Just white, but massive!

A close-up

The rest of these are from my own back yard, the crepe myrtles are my neighbor’s, we get to enjoy the view over the fence of the variation of colors. You can’t really see the fifth color, so I’ll provide a close-up of that one.

5 different colors in one yard!

There are 3 colors in this pic

The next two are my very own beauties, I should have taken the Bougainville when it was bloomed out and pretty, it is currently needing to be transplanted, so I omitted that one.

My hibiscus exploded this morning!

The next one is my wild lantana, and it is not doing as well as last year, but still looks beautiful to me.

I love the color variation of this flower.

I hope you enjoyed my little flower show more than the usual Throwback Thursday. I will try to remember to capture a few more of the gorgeous crepe myrtles tomorrow and post them at a later date. Unless I’m pressed for time, I plan on writing a story for Flash Fiction Friday tomorrow, but I’m trying to get things ready to host Bunco Saturday night, so we shall see! Join me then, I’ll be waiting on the patio! 




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Day 319-Wellness Wednesday-Natural Mosquito Spray

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Evening peeps, how are you today? Sorry it’s so late, I had a post from earlier but it was sabotaged by computer problems and I finally gave up.

I’ve decided that wellness Wednesday can cover more material and I won’t be stuck trying to talk about technical medical stuff-as if I have in the past, ha!

Pesky mosquitoes!

Anyhoo, I’m sure that you would like to know how to make your own mosquito repellant at home right? It’s super easy, cost effective and best of all, totally natural and free of harmful chemicals. They smell so much better than the repellant in a can you buy from the store too. All you need is a glass colored spray bottle like these from Amazon.

You need to have colored bottles to store essential oils in so they don’t degrade. Then you simply mix up your essential oils with distilled water or vodka and spray all exposed areas. Here is a great recipe to try, although you can use several different kinds-find your own favorite blend. Start with 4oz. of witch hazel mixed with 4 oz. distilled water. Add 30-50 drops of your favorite essential oil, or a blend of two or three. I like peppermint, lemongrass and tea tree oil. You could also try citronella and lavender. Lemon and eucalyptus mixed with mint. Try em all!

You can find several recipes on Pinterest or experiment with what you have on hand. I would use good quality, 100% pure essential oils for the best results, but there are some who’s price are lower than others, while still maintaining quality. Since you have to use so much per recipe, I would opt for the lower priced ones. Get them from your local health food store or even some drugstores are carrying decent brands, otherwise, shop online from one of the many sources there are these days.

Do try one and let me know how they work for you!


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