Day 315-Flash Fiction Friday-A Child’s View

Cindy Lou woke up, climbed out of bed and after donning a romper, tip-toed out the front door, reveling in the feeling of the soft, cool grass on her bare feet. She had no cares about what might be in the grass, she was just a little kid. Flies and bugs didn’t bother her as she cartwheeled her way across the lawn. Mommy would be out here soon enough, bothering her to put her mosquito spray on, lest she got bites that swelled the size of fifty cent pieces.

Her dream, at the ripe old age of six, was to be in the Olympics as a famous gymnast. Mommy had enrolled her in a summer program where she and her big brother would get to go tumble and jump their days away while Mommy worked at the store. It was so cool, they got to have snacks when they took a break, and she could watch her brother do his exercises across the gym from where she and her group practiced somersaults and cartwheels. Cindy Lou loved every minute of it, almost as much as she loved going to school, but that was over for a while Mommy said, she would get to go back next year and start the second grade.

Donny was eight, he had been in gymnastics already for two years, he was so much more advanced than she, sometimes at home though, he would show her some of the neat tricks she would be learning if she stuck with it. This year, they would get to watch the Olympics on tv, the timing could not have been more perfect. Watching the others that were already living their dream, would inspire Cindy and her brother and make them work that much harder in the gym. Mommy said for them to have fun with it, just don’t get their hopes up, going to the Olympics took lots of money. Cindy didn’t understand any of that, she just wanted to tumble, run and jump her way through summer and do the best she could in her classes.

Cindy had a sweet coach named Brianna, she would gently teach her all the moves and then Cindy and her team were supposed to copy her. Once they completed all the exercises Brianna showed them, they got to jump in the foam pit. That reward was better than candy! They all loved jumping into the huge blocks of foam, bouncing around and then climbing out. They looked forward to doing it so much, they tried extra hard to performing the moves she gave them perfectly. If they performed well, sometimes Brianna would give them extra time to play around in the pit, or even let them jump on the trampoline. Man, she loved this place! Maybe some day, when she got really good, she would get to jump from the trampoline into the foam pit…that would be epic!

Cindy Lou looked up from her spot in the yard to see Mommy walking out the front door. “Cindy Lou, did you spray first young lady?” She replied, “No ma’am. I was just wanting to practice my cartwheels a while and I forgot, I’m sorry.” Mommy snatched her up out of the grass and inspected her legs. “Oh my goodness, let’s get you in the house before you swell up like a balloon! Just look at the welts already!” Cindy Lou knew what was coming next, a dose of that yucky medicine that made her super sleepy and pink lotion splotched legs for the rest of the day. Thank the stars it was Saturday since she would be napping pretty soon and thank goodness Mommy came out in time to scoop her up before she went into anaphylactic shock, she was allergic to mosquitos after all.


Day 263-Flash Fiction Friday-Finally Paradise

Photo credit: Unsplash

Sitting on the front  porch sipping a  delicious homemade lemonade Kendra thought to her self “now this is my idea of heaven.”  Looking out over the dunes she could see the waves slowly lapping  at the shore and felt such a sense of peace.  For the moment anyway.   In an hour all of their friends will be arriving, peace will be gone and in its place will be raucous behavior, game playing and partying on a level meant only for vacation.

Carl and Kendra had been anticipating this vacation for months and had made all the necessary arrangements, moving things around on their calendars and getting all of their friends to do the same so that they could all be together and enjoy one  blissful week in paradise. This was the trip they looked forward to every year,  only this year they decided to do something different and everyone agreed Hawaii would be the bomb. They decided on Oahu and rented two beach cottages at Kailua Beach that each slept four people. This trip was going to be epic!

It had been a monumental task getting four couples to clear their schedules, pool their money, and secure  the plane tickets necessary to get them to this place.  Upon arrival, Carl and Kendra looked around at the beauty of the palm trees and the never-ending ocean, the  turquoise water and white sugar sand, pinched each other and said “Yes this is paradise!”  Kendra was so excited to be here, they had worked so hard to earn the money – Hawaii is very expensive.  She knew it would be worth it to finally see the place of her dreams and was now ready for the fun to begin.

Walking back inside the cottage, Kendra began to prep the kitchen for guests, putting groceries away while Carl checked the status of the outside amenities. He needed to ensure the grill was working and the furniture was sturdy for their rowdy guests. Looking up from his task, he could see the beach was just a short stroll away from their cottage, all he could think about was getting done so he could head that way. Just the thought of fresh fish on the grill was making his mouth water and more than that, he was ready for an ice cold beer. Everything out back was ready, so he headed in to ask Kendra if she was ready for some beach time.

“I guess we could go for a quick dip before they get here” Kendra agreed, so they went to don their swimsuits and run down to the beach.  As Kendra was getting her suit on, Carl couldn’t help but admire her body. Some days he just couldn’t believe that she was really his, she was so perfect,  her body was truly a gift from God.  Kendra  caught him staring at her body and approached him for a kiss, the next thing they knew, they were tearing each other’s clothes off and ravaging each other on the bed. Kendra believed that vacation sex was the best.  It was probably best they take advantage of the time they had before the guests arrived.  Now that they had enjoyed the romp, they quickly re-dressed and ran out of the cottage and down to the beach.  Kailua Beach was rumored to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and looking around they saw it was true.

While Kendra and Carl were exploring the beach, Macy and Greg arrived, bypassing the cottage completely and heading down to the beach to join their friends.  They had purchased a rolling cooler and were toting their camp chairs. A few minutes later everyone was enjoying a cold one and laughing about how amazing this place was. There were so many people with sailboats and kayaks, yet there was plenty of room for them to enjoy some time in the water. For tonight they just wanted to relax and chill, there would be plenty of time for water sports tomorrow. Macy and Kendra took their beers and beach chairs down to the shoreline for some catching up while the water lazily lapped at their toes. Tomorrow the waves promised to be kickin’ but currently, they were calm. Kendra couldn’t wait to try her skills at surfing, Macy was more the “sit and watch” kind of girl.

Within the hour, they were joined on the beach by their other four friends, Jeff and Cheryl and Eddie and Beth, now their group was complete and Kendra really started to relax. “Who wants burgers and hotdogs?” Carl began to make his way back to the cottage, the rest of the pack following up the sandy pathway, hugging each other and laughing all the way there. Everyone separated to their chosen cabins to put away belongings and get ready for their first fabulous night in paradise. Kendra pinched herself again, just to make sure she wasn’t just dreaming.



Day 207-Flashback Friday-Life on the River

Sunny loved the water, it didn’t matter whether it was summers at the lake, vacationing by the ocean or the occasional trip to the Guadalupe River, she just wanted to be near the water whenever possible. Which is why she was shocked when she discovered how close her new house was to the Neches River three weeks after moving there.

She had been on a walk to get out of the drudgery of unpacking boxes and looking at the walls of her tiny new rental in the small town of Port Neches, when she came upon a large park. Curious, she noted the park’s name was Riverfront Park and kept walking, now excited at the prospect of water so close to her home. Cresting the small hill, she saw the parking area first, where boats, trailers and the boat launch greeted her widening eyes. Oh happy day! She could just imagine future picnics, fishing and the sheer joy of simply sitting by the river, watching the water ripple and ships floating in between it’s banks, on their way to get loaded with crude oil at the local refinery.

As soon as her husband returned home from work that evening, she drug him back out to join her in another trek to the river and happily gushed about all the fun they would have, especially now that she’d learned of a four day festival the locals called Riverfest, which featured food, carnival rides and a boat race, all set next to this wonderful waterway that lead to Sabine Lake and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. She could not contain her excitement at the possibilities afforded to them now, especially if he was to buy a boat. He had previously discussed this idea with her, and she was all for it. As long as it fit into the budget, of course.

Bo and Sunny had always wanted to move to the coast, Houston was so busy and congested,  they longed for peace and quiet and the when the opportunity came up for Bo to transfer to a refinery in Port Neches, they jumped at the chance for the life they had been dreaming of. They packed up the ten years of accumulated belongings and obtained a rent house until they could purchase a bigger home, and when the day came for them to move, they happily set out for what was to be the next adventure of their young lives. Sunny anxiously awaited the day the festival would arrive.

Bo arrived home from work thirty minutes prior to the gates opening to the festival. They made the decision to walk since the park was so close, that way finding parking would not be an issue. Upon arriving, they purchased tickets and were delighted to see a cordoned off area called a beer garden right next to the main stage and along the river. Oh, the sights they were seeing, people of all ages and manner of dress-one man was sporting camouflaged overalls and no shirt underneath. He must have thought he was dead sexy. The Cajun music was playing warm up to the first band and many people were already cutting a rug, or dancing a jig, Sunny wasn’t sure what they called it. As they got a drink and settled in to an empty picnic table, she was about to tell Bo that this was her idea of Heaven, when just as she turned to him to do so, an enormous tanker ship was lazily floating by. Sunny’s eyes widened at the sight of such a huge ship, so close she could almost touch it! She could hardly believe that something so large could keep afloat, especially on the river.

Later on, while making new acquaintances and dancing the night away, Sunny mused on how much she was going to enjoy this new life, she loved the food, the people, the quaint little town, but especially their proximity to all that water. Yes, life on the river was going to suit her just fine.